Two members to conduct CLE courses

Firm members Mark Kelley and Chris Winton will be offering CLE programs through the National Business Institute in June.

Divorce Law Boot Camp — June 19, 2018

Kelley will be one of several presenters in a full-day program on divorce law. This program will be offered in South Charleston on June 21. Kelley will offer the opening presentation on Client Intake.

A Comprehensive, Hands-On Approach to Divorce Practice

Can you navigate the divorce process with ease? Are you looking for practice pointers, best practices and sample forms to build your divorce practice? Our veteran faculty will provide you with a solid foundation and real-world tips for handling each key step of a divorce case. Start the case off on the right foot, streamline your motion practice, pick up discovery tools, get insights on valuing/dividing marital property and more.

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Estate Administration From Start to Finish — June 27, 2018

Winton will be one of several presenters in a full-day program on Estate Administration From Start to Finish in South Charleston on June 27. His topics include: Handling Creditor Claims and Debt in the Estate and Handling Estate Administration Tax Issues.

More about the Estate Administration program.

Designed for attorneys who are new to estate administration or need a basic refresher, this course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of estate administration, including proper asset valuation and distribution, taxation, and account closing procedures. You’ll also learn how to correctly deal with thorny estate administration debt issues, including jointly held assets, business ownership and complex tax issues.

Equip yourself with real-life, practical knowledge to ensure you are fully prepared to handle the entire estate administration process from start to finish – register today!